Sunday, August 3, 2008


So here we are sharing our life with you. Just a warning, we will not sugar coat things and believe in being true to who and what we are....The fabulous Diamonds!!

Dan is soooo busy! He just finished training his fist newbie and has mixed feelings about doing it again...he said it was like spending two weeks with a todler...(welcome to my world ;0). He did well and has sent him on his way. He has put in for a new position with the Oregon State Police as a US Marshall (the captain actually called him personally to ask him to submit an applicant letter). He is still with the National Guard but has transferred to a sniper unit. Things are heating up for them as they will be deployed again in April 09'.

Summer is busy but with what she can't quite narrow down...that is how my life as a mom is. I have tried to branch out and join a book club. Most of the books I add are illustrated and the pages are hard cardboard. I am always involved in some kind of home improvement project that gets done bits at a time. My next project will be to build a fence in the back yard. I am trying to feed my family the organic way so I am forcing myself to clip coupons as "WINCO" doesn't offer much in way of non-chemically produced food. I blame book club/goodreads for that. You wouldn't believe what you are feeding you family.

Hiro is so mature. He's four but oh so much more. He conquered the bicycle at age 3 and is now onto his latest obsession: skate boarding.

He's a tough kid but a gentle soul. He broke the same arm in two different places within 9 months and snapped back...(no pun intended) quickly. (This brake occured 07/04/07) He thinks he will turn 6 on his next birthday and so does everyone else. I guess he must know he's beyond his years. He is very social and loves his friends both male and female. The other day he had a play date with Brenley, a cutie from his church class. I couldn't find him anywhere then suddenly I heard the bathroom door unlocking and he was exiting. When I asked him what he was doing in there with the door locked he replied, "I was getting ready for my date, mom!"

Taku, oh Taku, Taku, Taku! My sweet little angel devil. You never met a sweeter child. Just don't turn your back on him. He started walking at 8 months and only did so because he put his mind to it. He taught himself the alphabet and how to recognize letters and thier sounds (yes all 26) before he turned 2. I'm not bragging because I had nothing to do with it, he can't be my child. Where did it come from? He's a party waiting to happen and always cheers for what ever is going on i.e. when I pour milk into a sippy cup he says, "Good job mom, yay!!" He can be very creative when he is trying to communicate his frustrations meaning he paints. He has used all sorts of mediums from toothpaste to poop (mom's favorite). I finally got savvy and bought him washable finger paint. Iam ready for him to turn 3 soon.

Diamond Family Inc.

Welcome to our simple life. We like it that way. These photos are of us over the last year...hopefully as the months go on we will catch you all up.